Website sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children | 443.955.9887
Website sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children | 443.955.9887

General Shadchanim

Baltimore Shadchanim

Mrs. Judi Feldman jfeldman217 AT
Mrs. Lolly Freidman 443 929 6100 lollyf68 AT
Mrs. Shulamis Gartenhaus 410-764-3914 scgarten50 AT
Mrs. Devorah Gertz dvgertz AT
Mrs. Rochelle Goldberg rgoldberg821 AT (Baltimore Girls Only)
Mrs. Freda Goldman 410-415-5836 goldmanf AT
Mrs. Aliza Jessurun 646-272-8465 aliza.glatter AT
Mrs. Mashe Katz 410-358-5433 mashekatz AT
Mrs. Margie Pensak margie711 AT
Mrs. Shani Shuvalsky shani613 AT
Mr. Aryeh Stein 443.326.6011 aryehstein AT
Mrs. Keren Traub kerentraub AT
Mrs. Michal Seidemann 410-764-6335 michalseidemann AT

(Young women from Baltimore only, please call in the evening, and can meet Motzei Shabbos and Sunday nights only)

Out of Town Shadchanim

Joane Bane- FIVE TOWNS Banejoanne AT
Sara Gittel Biala- LAKEWOOD, NJ 845-659-7620 sgittel AT
Ahuva Cherns- MONSEY, NY 845-282-2190 ahuvacherns AT
Shuey Greenspan- LAKEWOOD, NJ (EISHES LAPIDUS) shueyg80 AT
Evelyn Grubner- TORONTO egrubner AT
Raizel Halon-LAKEWOOD, NJ 732-904-7406 rhalon123 AT
Rabbi Shlomo Yonason Harris- QUEENS, NY rabbisyharris AT
Tzippy Hirschman-LAKEWOOD, NJ  848.299.6409. matches218 AT
Chana Rivka Jacobs- BROOKLYN, NY chanarivka.Jacobs AT
Leiba Marsh- LAKEWOOD, NJ 848-448-1285 leibamarsh AT
Ellen Leiber- FLATBUSH, NY 718-627-9180 ellenlieber22 AT
Shloime Lewenstein- LAKEWOOD, NJ 732-598-4582 sllewenstein AT
Shaindy Mitnick- NEW YORK 347-322-0001
Mrs. Chana Rose- BROOKLYN, NY chanarose36 AT
PD Roth- LAKEWOOD, NJ mrpdroth AT
Mrs. Fayge Rudman- MONSEY, NY (GATEWAYS) 845-362-8168 shadchan AT
Daniel Schneierson
Yitzchok Schternbuch- LAKEWOOD, NJ ystern123 AT
Rabbi Yosef Singer- NEW YORK 347-524-8515 ysinger AT
Baila Stein- LAKEWOOD, NJ

Exclusively for second marriages, up to age 40, and those open to dating a single who was previously divorced or widowed

belle960 AT
Elisheva Tversky- NEW YORK (ORIGINALLY BALTIMORE) 917-208-5827 etversky AT
Rabbi Yoel Yankelewitz- FIVE TOWNS yyankelewitz AT
Mrs. Rochelle Zupnik- MONSEY, NJ  917-270-9904