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Website sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Malkiel Goldberger in honor of their precious children | 443.955.9887

The Shidduch Center: Creating and facilitating dating opportunities for Baltimore’s singles

Who is The Shidduch Center of Baltimore, Inc.?

The Shidduch Center of Baltimore, Inc. was formed in February of 2008 as a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the dating needs of the single men and women in the Jewish community of Baltimore, MD. 

Unprecedented Challenges, Unprecedented Solutions 

The Shidduch Center is driven by the conviction that with a united community effort, we can effectuate concrete assistance for our single men and women by implementing innovative and proven initiatives that garner greater dating opportunities. 

While engagements are solely in the hands of the Ribbono shel Olam, the effort of generating dates is within our capacity and therefore remains our primary, intense focus. 

Our Shadchanim

We provide compensation to a dedicated group of five outstanding shadchanim – Mr. & Mrs. Efy and Penina Flamm, Mrs. Shani Leiman, Mrs. Michelle Mond, Mrs. Tova Rappaport, & Mrs. Keren Traub – to generate enhanced opportunities and results for our community. By offering meaningful compensation to a focused group of shadchanim who have agreed to accountability criteria with respect to dates arranged per month, and time and travel spent working on shidduchim, we have seen our initiative achieve tremendous success.

Our Programming

We offer ongoing educational events for single men and women, parents, and the community at large. These events are offered at minimal or no cost to the community and feature prominent speakers in Baltimore and abroad. The goal of these classes is to heighten the awareness of all those in our community with regards to what is needed to find success in the shidduch world; to facilitate more effective dating experiences; and to wholly understand the ever-changing demands of the shidduch world. 

In conjunction with Bais Yaakov and Bnos Yisroel of Baltimore, we offer an annual presentation for single women and their mothers on the basic and fundamental steps of entering shidduchim. This also provides families with an introduction to The Shidduch Center and paves a path for them to interface with our shadchanim, events, and programs. 

We coordinate Meet the Shadchan evenings, at which four or five nationally-renowned shadchanim visit Baltimore to personally meet with our single women, along with bringing together an additional 15-20 local shadchanim to attend the evenings proceedings. These meetings provide excellent exposure for 60 or more single women to meet a number of skilled shadchanim in a single evening. 

We also have arranged for our local shadchanim to visit Ner Yisroel, and travel to many New York & New Jersey area yeshivas, to meet single men entering shidduchim

With the approbation of our Rabbinical Board, we hold bi-annual, mixed events for single men and women ages 25 and above. These events have been a joint venture with DineNMeet, a longstanding organization that specializes in holding tasteful mixed-singles events which attract full participation. Events thus far have been extremely well-received and have produced very encouraging results. 

Full Service Support

We regularly meet with single men and women, and/or their parents, to offer guidance, assist with shidduch profile writing, and aid in connecting community members with shadchanim, dating mentors, and many other crucial resources. We are constantly striving to meet all of the needs of our community members as they navigate their time in shidduchim

RESULTS from Nov. 2015 – Jan. 2019

500+ couples set up on dates

53 resulting engagements 

10% engagement-to-date ratio

36% of our dates have been for single women ages 24 and above

40% of our couples reach a third date or beyond

All of the above results have been for single men & women in Baltimore

B’chasdei Hashem, these statistics have established us as one of the premier producing shidduch initiatives across North America

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